Common Questions

Why Do I Need A USDOT PIN and How Can I Obtain One?How Can I Cancel My USDOT/MC Number and Can It Be Reinstated Again In The Future?Can I Request A New Operating Authority Letter?What Does A Compliance Check Include?How Can I Reinstate My USDOT Number or MC Number? What Is The Difference Between "Not Authorized" and "Inactive" For My USDOT Number?What Is the ClearingHouse Program and Do I Need to Register?What Is The Difference Between Interstate and Intrastate?What Is an Authority Rating Letter and How Can I Request One?Who Is Required by the Department of Transportation and FMCSA To Be In Compliance With The Random Drug/Alcohol Testing Program?I’m An Owner Operator With No Other Drivers. Do I Need to Sign Up for a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program?What Do I Need to Provide for my New Entrant Audit?What Is the Difference Between PSP and MVR?What Is a New Entrant Safety Audit?Who Is Subject to a DOT Safety Audit?What If I Fail My New Entrant Safety Audit?When Will My New Entrant Safety Audit Occur?How Will FMCSA Notify Me of My Upcoming Safety Audit?What If I Don’t Respond To The First Safety Audit Notification?When Is a Motor Carrier Safety Rating Issued?Why Is My Company Considered An Unrated Carrier?What Is the Difference Between a Satisfactory, Conditional, and Unsatisfactory Rating?What’s IFTA?Who Must Register for IFTA?How Often Must I File Tax Reports for IFTA?What States Require a Highway Use Tax?Where Can My Driver Have His Physical Completed?How Long Will a Driver’s Medical Card Be Active For?Do I Have To File Quarterly Tax Reports For IFTA If I Don’t Leave My Home State?Do I Have to File Quarterly Tax Reports For IFTA If I Didn’t Drive This Quarter?Who Needs a USDOT Number?What Are The Different Types Of Operating Authorities Issued For USDOT Numbers?What Is the International Registration Plan (IRP)?Do I Need To Register With The IRP?Which Of My Trucks Need To Have An Annual Inspection?Do I Have To Pull An MVR After A Driver Renews Their Medical Card?What Is The Difference Between USDOT Number and MC Number?Do I Need An MC Number?Am I Required To Have A USDOT Number?What Is an MX Number and Who Needs That?What Is a California DOT Number and Do I Need That?What Is an FF Number and Do I Need That?What Can I Do If I Received a DOT Inspection Violation?Do I Need Apportioned Plates?What Is a TXDOT Number and Do I Need It?I Have Paid for Insurance But I Am Still Not Active, Am I Missing Something?What Is the BMC-91 / BMC-91X?Can a Motor Carrier Broker Loads to Other Carriers?What Is a Temporary Operating Authority and How Do I Receive One?What Is Factoring and Do I Need to Get Set Up with a Factoring Company?How Do I Determine My GVW?What Are the Steps to Starting a Trucking Company?What Are the Motor Vehicle Decal Requirements?What Is a Broker Authority?What Is a CBSA and Do I Need It?What Is a Hazardous Material Safety Permit and Do I Need It?Does a Broker Need a License or Bond?I Am an Intrastate Carrier But Wish to Start Driving in Other States, What Do I Need?What Is the Difference Between Private and For-Hire Motor Carrier?Can I Change My Tax ID/EIN/SSN to a Different One On My USDOT Number?Until I Get My Own USDOT Number and MC Number, Can I Lease My Services/Truck to Another For-Hire Carrier Who Is Already Set Up?What Is the Difference Between Common and Contract Motor Carrier?Are USDOT Numbers Transferable?