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MCS-150 / Bi-Annual / Biennial update is required to be filed every 2 years. Every USDOT has a specific month they have to file and it is based on your DOT number. The last number corresponds with the month and the second to last number corresponds to even or odd years. You are allowed to file the MCS-150 6 months before your due month.

USDOT number ending in: Must file by last day of:

1 January

2 February

3 March

4 April

5 May

6 June

7 July

8 August

9 September

0 October

The MCS-150 form contains all information about your motor carrier. It will include your Tax ID, phone numbers, addresses, email address, registered owners of the company, the type of DOT number it is, what goods you haul, the number of trucks, trailers and drivers the company has, as well as the total mileage driven by the company the previous year. If there are any changes to this information it is recommended to always complete an MCS-150 filing. 

The MCS-150 is also required to be filed when you have removed or added trucks since your last filing and you are registering for the UCR. Failure to have a matching truck count on the UCR registration and the MCS-150 filing can cause an audit on your company.

Failure to file your MCS-150 will cause your USDOT number to be deactivated and will not be reactivated until you have filed your MCS-150. 

MCS-150 can be filed online which will update your motor carrier within 24 hours or by sending in a form. This form takes about 2-4 weeks to process and update your USDOT account so it is always recommended to file this online.

File MCS-150 / Biennial Update

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